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                            Meet the Pastoral Council: (From left to right)

                                   Vince Schilleci, Christina Powell, Walter Scott, Jan Biasini,

                                          Carlisle Wheeler, Tricia Pugh, Alex Kozuch, Pam Jones, & John Arndt


Purpose of the Pastoral Council:

The purpose of this Council is to be an advisory body to the pastor. The Council works with the pastor to develop a parish vision and engage in pastoral planning. The Council shall, if one does not already exist, develop an effective pastoral plan. It shall periodically evaluate progress toward agreed-upon parish goals and objectives and update the plan. Information from the Council shall be shared with the parishioners on a regular basis. 

Scope of the Pastoral Council:

The scope of the Council is limited to advising the pastor on pastoral matters, both through pastoral planning and on specific matters presented to it by the pastor. The Council shall study and make recommendations regarding these
matters. There is, in short, nothing about which the pastor may not consult the Council, apart from faith, orthodoxy, moral principles, or laws of the universal Church. The Council does not manage parish operations


Qualifications of Pastoral Council Members:

                                     · Baptized Catholics in good standing who are at least 18 years of age
                                     · Registered members of the parish and participants in the parish worship
                                           life, especially Mass and the Sacraments.
                                     · A keen desire to help, and commitment to prayer and action.
                                     · Exhibit the ability to listen, become informed, reflect, express oneself with
                                           care, communicate, work with others, compromise, adapt quickly to new
                                           challenges, and receive training.
                                     · Willing to accept duties of standing committee participation
                                     · Only member in a household or immediate family serving on the council
                                     · Not a member of the parish staff
                                     · Able to respect the need for confidentiality when situations deem it
                                     · Have the ability to make the expected time commitment including
                                            attendance at monthly meetings and other gatherings as necessary.

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