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Pricing for Columbarium are as follows:

                 *  Parishioners:  Single $3,200, Double $3,900

                 *  Non-Parishioners:  Single: $3,800, Double $4,700

   To request information, email or call the finance office at 205-803-5418



   With the completion of Section III of the St. Francis Xavier Parish Columbarium, our Columbarium will contain 588 niches.  The Columbarium Garden is located on the north side of the church.

   The Columbarium consists of three sections, sections I and II are standalone structures and section III is located on the wall of the church building.

The columbarium niches include a cylinder-type urn required to be used, so there is no need to purchase any additional urns. The niches are designed to contain either one or two urns. Niches are available to St. Francis Xavier parishioners and immediate family. Exceptions must be approved by the pastor.

   To obtain a niche in St. Francis Xavier Columbarium, contact the finance office at 205-803-5418.

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