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The St. Francis Xavier High School Youth program (grades 9-12) provides a great opportunity for our youth to meet new friends, have fun, enjoy fellowship, participate in mission and service, and grow in their Catholic faith while growing closer to Christ and His Church. 

Our regular meetings are held on Sundays from 6:00-8:00 p.m. on the playground. Please don't forget your mask. All high school youth from our parish, school, and the wider community - both Catholic and non-Catholic - are always welcome! If you would like to assist as an adult leader, please let us know through email or by calling us!

Recap from "Faith + Film"

This week in our “Faith + Film” series, we examined the Toy Story series. In all the movies, there are two constant themes: to keep the group united and for the toys to always be there for their kid. Of course, each movie adds something different for the audience to consider: what is my purpose?, what does it mean to be wanted/needed/loved?, and of course, reconciling one’s individualistic pursuits for the good of the community. We know that we were created with a purpose, and that God desires a relationship with us. We also admired the way the toys care about each other and realized that we should be there for our friends, just as the toys are there for each other and their kid. This caused us to examine our own friendships. Do we truly love our friends, or do we just like the same things as them? Do we want what is best for our friends, even if it means stopping them from doing something that they shouldn’t be doing? Are we open with sharing with our friends the best thing that’s ever happened to us (knowing our loving God who died for us)? We realized that it is vital for us to pray with and for our friends. We also discovered that we need to lead our friends to Heaven (and hopefully, they will do the same)! Having virtuous friendships can help our teens always keep God at the center of our lives.  While we may have had a karaoke battle with songs about friendship at the beginning of our time together, we ended our time on a more serious note by praying with each other.

Continue the Conversation at Home:

  • Which of the Toy Story movies sticks out to you the most? Why?

  • Have you ever had a crisis of purpose before?

  • Do you ever feel pressured to fit in your destiny, like Buzz did?

  • Do you think your relationship with God is “too personal” to share with your friends?

  • Have you ever talked to your friend about your spiritual life? How did he or she respond? Has a friend ever talked to you about their relationship with God?

  • Do your friends help lead you closer to Jesus? In what ways?

Featured FORMED Selection: True Friendship in a Phony World

Chenele Shaw invites students to reflect on the difficulty of forming authentic friendships in the digital age and suggests a few practical tips.

How to Log into FORMED

Want to sign up an adult leader with our high school students? Please let us know! We really want to thank you for your desire to serve our Lord through young people. Young people are so impressionable, and it helps to have as many positive Catholic influences surrounding them so that they make good choices. Being a teenager is tough, and we want our students to know that they are loved and supported.

Please make sure you've completed your youth protection training and turned in your background check at least three days before working with our students.

Discipleship Small Groups

We are proud to announce our discipleship small group program for high school students! We would love to have adult assistance with these small groups, so please contact us if you would be interested in joining us on this adventure! The small groups would meet outside of regular youth ministry times; however, the students would be the ones to decide when they would meet, based off the schedules of those in the group. I highly encourage our parents to view this video  (and this one for dads, too!) to understand why it is important for our students to be involved with discipleship. This will not replace our regular youth ministry time. Small groups allow students to express their thoughts and feelings in an intimate environment with their friends, instead of vulnerably doing so in a large group. Like youth ministry, the discipleship small group is NOT a place for gossip but a way for our students to continue to grow in their faith with people they trust. Currently, our students are being encouraged to prayerfully discern how they should participate in small groups. At this time, we are asking our students to only commit to a short series for their small groups, during the summer. Please view the gray and blue image to see how students may participate. We have several resources and materials for students to use to help them kick off their discipleship small group. We'd be happy to have our students become more involved, even if they are new or shy.

Are  you interested in being a part of our discipleship program as an adult helper, youth leader, or participant? Please shoot us an email at youthministry@sfxbirmingham.com to let us know how you'd like to be a part of the fun!


 Everyone needs rest, so that they may grow. Even Jesus took time for rejuvenation. Click on to see how you can grow more in your relationship with SFX Youth Ministry! 


St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church abides by the Diocese of Birmingham in Alabama Youth Protection Program. Through annual training, our students are reminded that they are made in God's image and carry dignity. To review the materials associated with our Safe Environment/Sexual Abuse Prevention, please click here. For more information about becoming a chaperone and earning Youth Protection certification, click here

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