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Kelsey Burgans

Youth Minister

Phone: 205-803-5402
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The St. Francis Xavier Middle School Youth program (grades 6-8) provides a great opportunity for our youth to meet new friends, have fun, enjoy fellowship, participate in mission and service, and grow in their Catholic faith while growing closer to Christ and His Church. Our regular meetings are held on Mondays from 6:00-8:00 p.m. on the playground. Don't forget your mask, please. We'd love to have you and your friends join us as we strive for Christ together.

Wires & Robotics: The Great Idea

Great inventions begin with a great idea. There is a process of creation in the mind of every inventor and innovator. It usually begins with a great idea, followed by a plan and a lot of hard work. Eventually, their idea is created and the world is given the gift of their invention. God is the ultimate creator of great ideas, and the greatest of all of His creations is the human being. We were in the mind of God at the very beginning of creation. God had a plan for creation and put in a lot of hard work. On the sixth day of creation, man and woman were created, and God saw that humanity was very good, the greatest of all of His ideas. This week at Edge, we talked about why humanity was created. 

We began our night by making (or attempting to make) functional robots. We discussed what each of us thought the greatest invention ever was. Sure, iPhones were mentioned, but we realized that humanity is actually the greatest invention! Knowing that we exist because God loves us and willed for us to exist only answers part of the question of why we exist. We may also wonder what the point or purpose of our existence is. If we want to know why something was created, what its purpose is, the best way to find out is by asking the inventor. If we want to know the purpose of our existence, one of the best ways to find out is by asking God. God knew that we would have questions, and He knew that we would need answers given to us in a way we would understand. So God became like us and sent His Son, Jesus. Jesus reveals to us in His words and actions the purpose for our existence: to be in a relationship with God, to know God, to love God, and to live our lives serving God. We concluded our time together by designing an app that could help us solve a problem that we have, and by praying together. 

Continue the Conversation at Home:

  • What does it mean to know who God is? To love God? To spend our lives serving God?

  • What makes it difficult to know God? What are different ways we can know God? 

  • What are a few ways you see people love and serve God? How do you love and serve God? What else can you do to love and serve God?

  • Have you ever thought about God as an inventor? What parts of the created world do you love or find most interesting (e.g., volcanoes, the solar system, lizards)? Why? 

  • You are created in God’s image and likeness. How are you an inventor like God? 

  • What questions do you have about your purpose in life? 

  • Do you believe that you are God’s greatest idea? Why?

Featured FORMED Selection: Finding Purpose
All of us at some point will suffer from the want of meaning or purpose in our lives. Without it, we drift away from ourselves and everyone else, living in a state of anxiety. How do we break out of this anxiety of life? Two steps. Inspired by Bl. Fulton Sheen (The Philosophy of Life).
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Want to serve as an adult leader for our middle school students? Please let us know! We really want to thank you for your desire to serve our Lord through the youth of our parish.

Note: All adults who sign up must have on file with SFX Parish the proper unexpired youth protection required training. It can be completed online here. They must also have submitted the volunteer inquire release forms at least three days before the day they plan to volunteer.

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Everyone needs rest so that they may grow! Even Jesus took time for rejuvenation. Explore ways to grow spiritually this year with SFX Youth Ministry.


St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church abides by the Diocese of Birmingham in Alabama Youth Protection Program. Through annual training, our students are reminded that they are made in God's image and carry dignity. To review the materials associated with our Safe Environment/Sexual Abuse Prevention, please click here. For more information about becoming a chaperone and earning Youth Protection certification, click here.

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