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Kelsey Burgans

Youth Minister

Phone: 205-803-5402
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The St. Francis Xavier Middle School Youth program (grades 6-8) provides a great opportunity for our youth to meet new friends, have fun, enjoy fellowship, participate in mission and service, and grow in their Catholic faith while growing closer to Christ and His Church. Our regular meetings are held on Mondays from 6:00-8:00 p.m. on the playground or in the parish hall and will resume on August 30. Don't forget your mask, please. We'd love to have you and your friends join us as we strive for Christ together.

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This week, the weather changed our plans at the last minute, and we appreciate our teens being so cooperative when things had to change quickly. We enjoyed our breakfast for dinner, played "What Do You Meme?: Family Edition", and discussed how Jesus is the Light of the World. It is through Him that we're able to see clearly. We also played a fun game called "Light in the Darkness" in which we took turns hiding a battery-operated candle in a dark room for our friends to find. We realized that the candle became easier to find when we were united together to find the light. Read below for a summary of Nicodemus's journey to encounter Jesus. We will not meet next Monday; our next meeting will be on Monday, October 18 at 6:00! See you soon!

Review: Nicodeums, a well-educated and highly respected Pharisee, wants to know more about Jesus. He has seen some of the signs and is trying to figure out about who Jesus is. He even meets Him in the dark of night. Sometimes, we are tempted to not want to follow Jesus because we fear the judgment of others or what may happen to us, like Nicodemus. Like Nicodemus, we can grow to live and walk in the light of faith.

Continue the Conversation at Home:

  • Earlier tonight, we replaced your name instead of saying “the world” in John 3:16. Did this help you realize or experience the love God has for you?

  • If you want, share how you placed yourself on the darkness/light spectrum. Why did you place yourself there? Do you want to be there?

  • What steps might you take to move further along the spectrum of loving and growing in Jesus?

    • More prayer time?

    • Reading Scripture?

    • Carrying a crucifix in your pocket as a reminder of His presence?

    • Perform one generous act as an expression of His love?

Featured FORMED Selection: Light in the Darkness
Patrick Lencioni is the founder of The Table Group and the author of 10 books, which have sold over 4 million copies and been translated into more than 25 languages. Additionally, The Wall Street Journal called him one of the most sought-after business speakers in America. In this talk given at the FOCUS National Conference, Patrick provides a hopeful yet cautionary lesson about the dangers of living a partially Christian life.

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Want to serve as an adult leader for our middle school students? Please let us know! We really want to thank you for your desire to serve our Lord through the youth of our parish.

Note: All adults who sign up must have on file with SFX Parish the proper unexpired youth protection required training. It can be completed online here. They must also have submitted the volunteer inquire release forms at least three days before the day they plan to volunteer.

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St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church abides by the Diocese of Birmingham in Alabama Youth Protection Program. Through annual training, our students are reminded that they are made in God's image and carry dignity. To review the materials associated with our Safe Environment/Sexual Abuse Prevention, please click here. For more information about becoming a chaperone and earning Youth Protection certification, click here.